Cheap hosting

Everyone knows, that any website could not run without cheap hosting (or the expensive one). And many website creation buisiness newcomers usually has a big headache when they have to choose their first cheap hosting.It wouldnt be very hard task, if most of the hostings would be different. But they aren't. So we will give you some tips about choosing right web host.


Firstly, you must understand what scripts your website will use. Most of sites still uses PHP/MySQL/Apache, and all hostings offers these features. But Python or Ruby based websites are getting popular - these languages are not supported by many hostings. So if you will use a simple PHP website, you should skip this step.


Don't use free hosting. Even if you will save few bucks per month (or three), you will get really bad client support service. This means when you will encourage problems, you will have to deal with them alone.


You should concern about disk space too. One gigabyte is good, but if you are going to hold multiple projects on one cheap hosting, think about a plan with three gig's of space.


It may sound funny, but hosting provider site design also matter. You will get good user experience only if your webhost uses modern technologies. You think they can afford modern servers if they can't afford simple, but modern web site design? You may not believe it, but this is true.


Of course you should see what other people thinks about your desired web hosting. If replies about it are good, do not wait, take their services!


So there is only few tips. We can't say, that they will help you to choose best hosting provider in the world, but for many these tips does help a lot.