Email hosting

Email hosting - this is very strange type of hosting, which can be heard very rarely these days. But for business it is very useful thing, so if you are looking for protected and reliable email box you should try email hostings.


So what is email hosting? Email hosting will provide you with quality email box, so you will be sure, that your email's won't be sent to spam box, and you won't receive spam into your email too.


Who should use email hosting services? Their services are mostly used by small and Midsize businesses, which don't have right equipment for email hosting. As we said, main reason for using email hosting services is getting very good spam protection combined with your domain name.

Of course with professional email host you will be able to access your email via mobile phones, "Outlook", or other email clients via most used IMAP, POP3, SMTP protocols and that means you can synchronize and access  your calendar, email and contacts from anywhere.


With good email hosting you will able to share some folders within all emails in database, this is useful, when you want everyone to access some kind of information easily.


But what about bigger businesses? They are using their own hardware with additional software, such as "Microsoft Access". Why do they do that? Because big businesses needs a lot of email accounts, and sometimes email hostings can not provide people with unlimited email addresses.


So this is email hosting. Very simple, but very useful thing if you want to get quality emails. They aren't expensive, and costs about ~$1/month. You will get unlimited disk space, unlimited addresses, and all stuff we had mentioned here.