Hosting provider

Its is necessary to choose good website hosting provider. Some of you may ask why I shouldn't choose one, which offers hosting services for free? Well choosing free hosting is like having a car, but no fuel - you have all files, right knowledge, but some why you can't proceed forwards to your destination.


So first reason why you shouldn't choose free hosting is ads. Most of free website hosting providers adds a lot advertisements to websites which are hosted in their data centers. It is not a big problem, but when you know, that advertisements can generate some nice money, you should consider about removing them from your website.


Second problem is complexity. Many free website hosting providers lets you only use their website builders. And believe us, you don't want to see how a website, built with free website builder, looks like.


Third problem is that you won't get any consumer service. It is not very good, if you don't know what is happening with your website, and you need to fix problems quickly.

Of course you won't get a lot of disk space - just a limited, very very small amount of hard disk space, maximum one database, no personal email.


Control panel also matters. You can be sure, that there won't be cPanel or DirectAdmin, which are very popular, simple and easy to use. It is possible to waste a lot of your time, if you are using bad website control panel


You don't have to buy most expensive hosting in the planet, but it is worth thinking about cheap one. You will be completely independent, and you will get very good customer service.