Hosting service

Hosting services are very useful for everyone. It would be annoying if we had to host our websites on our own PC's. So let's talk about problems we would encourage, if we would host our websites at our houses.


So the first problem is setting up hardware. It isn't so easy, and it really requires some knowledge. Even if you will set up your own hosting service at your house, you can't be sure that you did everything properly.

Second problem is dealing with problems. After setting up your home server PC, there can be a lot of problems with your website - it can be very slow, you can get a lot of errors, and you will be one man on field - no one will offer you instant help.


Server problems are very important too. You can't be sure that you will have right replacement parts if something will go wrong with your server.


And expert hosting services makes a big difference here. They has very good administrators, which has a lot of knowledge about computers, they has equipment that is dedicated for server hosting. Of course there are people who are on duty at data centres, so all your website data will be safe.

One more thing. Its security. Everyone knows what is DDoS attacks, and how they can affect your project. We bet you don't have 50 000$ worth anti-DDoS equipment, which can manage those attacks easily. And most of hosting providers has.That is the main reason, why you should use professional hosting services, not your own.


So we hope, that you will trust us, and let us help you with hosting your website at our data center!