Linux web hosting

When you look for a web hosting for a big, very big project, you definitely have to deal with one problem - what to choose - linux web hosting or Windows based alternative? In this article we will try to explain main differences for you.


Firstly you should should understand, that there isn't a lot of major differences between these operating systems if you are looking just for a web hosting service. To be honest, there is only 1 difference, and we will explain it later.


So let's talk about very similar things. Accessing the server is really similar on both operating systems. Mostly you will use FTP connection, which is common for Linux and Windows environments. Of course there is one bonus for Linux web hosting users - they get built in ssh and telnet access. This feature can be found only on very few Windows based hostings.


What about running your pages? You will be able to run PHP, Apache, CHI, Perl, Cold Fusion, Ruby, Python, HTML, Javascript scripts, you only need to find the right hosting. By the way, Microsoft gets 1 point here. If you want to host ASP page, then there is only one option - Windows web hosting.


 When talking about databases, most of us thinks about MySQL and Microsoft Access. Well, with Windows you can use both databases. Its not strange, that with Linux you can't use Microsoft products, so you have only MySQL (and its alternatives) left.


So as we can see, there isn't a lot of differences. But there is one more thing - security and stability. At this point Linux web hosting is definitely better. It is very hard to write a virus for Linux operating system. Since there isn't any viruses, you can be sure, that you will have very good computer uptime. Of course web hosting administrator matters - if he can't deal with minor problems, then you should change webhost, not its operating system.