1. General Provisions
1.1. as a service provider to natural and legal persons gives an opportunity to place their online websites in their servers.
1.2. Web hosting service is available only to persons familiar with these rules and that have undertaken to comply with them.
1.3. The administration reserves the right to unilaterally change the rules, informed about their existing customers by email. The new rules take effect immediately after publication.
2. Service Fees
2.1. Services provided by rates and other conditions that are not listed in these rules are set, and publicly available at:
2.2. The user ordering services from agree to automatically open system account to which funds can be added through a variety of payment methods. The fee for the current month is automatically debited from the customer's account in amount of user plan rates.
2.3. If a customer has not enough money in account - the user gets suspended and if no funds are added to the user account within 14 days from the date of suspension – the account is deleted along with all related data and website files.
3. It is prohibited for the user
3.1. It is strictly forbidden to upload information that violate the law.
3.2. does not tolerate warez sites or links to warez, torrent, and other exchange programs, as well as pirated music, software, movies, or direct links to them.
3.3. It is strictly forbidden all kinds of torrent tracker sites.
3.4. The use of server resources for mass e-mail messages (spam).
3.5. Forbidden fraudulent content sites (SCAM).
3.6. The use of for proxy servers and access development.
3.7. The use of for connections to IRC or programs that allow a Web site to access the IRC services.
3.8. It is strictly forbidden to use any webshell or other, malicious programs, to give public access to servers or to reduce security of the server in other ways.
3.9. It is strictly forbidden to place pornographic material and pornographic sites.
Users who do not abide the rules of hosting will be removed without prior warning and their sites, registered addresses (domains) will be blocked, and the funds collected for services will not be refunded.
Violation notice

If you notice any violation committed by our client, please inform us at