Web hosting provider

Virtual host - everyone, who sees this definition thinks that he do not really know what it means. But everyone, who has a website and even those, who just know how websites work, really knows what definition virtual host means.


So virtual host is simple hosting service, that is used by many many websites. Why not all? Because some websites requires more resources than a blog.


You can be sure, that virtual host is very good for most of people - even businesses. You shouldn't buy VPS or dedicated server if you won't get a lot of traffic into your website or your website is as simple as 2x2.


Virtual host has a lot of synonyms. Sometimes it is called web hosting, sometimes just hosting (because it is mostly used hosting service). Sometimes we can see virtual hosting named shared hosting (because there is a lot of other websites on same pc, so 1 PC is shared with lots of people).


What are pros and cons of shared hosting? Well pro's are that shared hosting is almost cheapest type of hosting, it is very simple to use (any specific knowledge about computers isn't needed to maintain a website).

But virtual host has some con's too. Biggest is that you can not create a very specific website which uses some unique scripts with virtual host. Of course you won't get that much power with it, this is the main reason, why people choose virtual private servers or virtual dedicated servers.


So this is virtual host, shared hosting or just web hosting - call it anyway you want, every title is right!