Web hosting service

You are here because you are looking for web hosting services? Well you have found the right place to get some knowledge about choosing right web host service.

So what is web hosting service? In few words, its a buissiness which can host your websites and help you with managing them. They have a lot of servers and good administrators, so they can deal with problems very fast. If you want to host a website at your home, you are definitely doing a big mistake, because its even not worth money, which you would spend on electricity!


When you are choosing a web hosting service, first thing you should think about is how many disk space you will use. 1 Gigabyte is minimum if you want to manage your website FTP as you wish. And if you are thinking about more than 1 site, you should consider getting 3GB or bigger plan.

Second thing about choosing right web hosting service plan is getting enough of MySQL databases. It is recommended to use 1 database for one site, because if you will have multiple sites on 1 database, and you will wipe it or lose it, all information about your sites will be lost.


Of course you should get a webhost, that offers enough of traffic. Most web hosting service providers offers unlimited traffic, but some of them likes to limit it. Be sure, that traffic your webhost offers, suites your needs.


It is good, if web host service offers automatic TVS installation, if you aren't sure what you are doing. It is not necessary or useful, but for newbies and people who like to save their time it is very useful feature.

So this is short guide about choosing right web hosting service. Of course we suggest choosing us, because we care about users, and we have a lot of knowledge!